Future Work

2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Scrawny Cat.  We are currently researching and devising for our new show ‘What You Risk’, which we will be staging site specifically in the Autumn.
October 1936, Nazi-ism is on the rise in Europe, masses of people move across countries and continents seeking safety, work or simply a place to call home. London’s East End is a haven for the displaced. But not everyone thinks they are welcome. On October 4th, Oswald Mosley, aristocrat, politician and leader of The British Union of Fascists, plans on leading his army of ‘Black Shirts’ through Wapping, Stepney and Bethnal Green, showing the immigrants, refugees and political activists who does and doesn’t belong in Britain. On October 4th, the residents of the East End plan on fighting for their neighbours and friends, valuing the beliefs they have in common over the origins that divide them. On October 4th, The Battle of Cable Street happened – a clash between the Far-Right and everyday people standing up for common humanity.
‘What You Risk’  tells the story of The Battle of Cable Street through the eyes of three women caught up in the events.  Drawn from first-hand accounts and archive reports, Scrawny Cat will use spoken word, movement and music to explore what it means to have a home and how far someone will go to defend that.