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Darren is a freelance composer living and working in London. He has
completed the scores for two short films, Musicians Think in Sound
(2007) and Cut Out (2009) with award winning director Mike Travis. He
has also worked as composer and producer for documentaries and several
theatre scores including Beauty and the Beast (Group 64), Romeo and
Juliet (Bounce Theatre) and the award-winning Airswimming (Putney
Theatre Company) amongst others. Darren has written the music and
lyrics to two musicals produced in London, The Tales of Petrushka and
The Magic Stone of Saturnalia and is currently writing and performing
with folk pop group COLUMBUS GIANT, which has recently supported some
of London’s best new folk musicians. Darren has written music for and
performed with Quiksilver Theatre, Scrawny Cat Theatre and has toured
New Zealand as part of the Improvisational Comedy Troupe Theatresports
Raw. Darren has run workshops for children in schools on the use of
music in theatre and is currently involved in new projects as a
composer and deviser with Paper Balloon, Scrawny Cat Theatre and Infectious Theatre Company.