No Lone Zone

Set in a derelict Georgian town house in Lambeth, Scrawny Cat return to Studio 180 with a dark, intimate and irreverent story of war and madness. Inspired by the Studio’s setting next to the Imperial War Museum, formally the Royal Bethlehem Hospital, Scrawny Cat bring you an intimate, raw exploration of war and madness.

Two soldiers return from Afghanistan, one hiding, one searching.  Finding their way to 180 Lambeth Road, they are able to take themselves away, from the army, from what they have done, from the world.  All they need is a little space alone, a place to be that is neither here nor there.  But they are not the only ones.  180 Lambeth Road has other residents, each with their own secrets, each with their own world they need to shut out.

No Lone Zone is a moving, insightful and darkly comic show about culpability, duty and what  we do to survive.  

NoLone Zone Review by Lisa McKeown, Ten Lifestyle Magazine

Last week I sat in a West End Theatre anticipating seeing a wonderful show but left feeling mildly entertained. Yesterday I sat in a 1940’s studio space/house in South London ready to watch a new fringe play, slightly scared (as with fringe you never know what to expect) and I left astounded. I find fringe productions fall into three categorises 1, outstanding 2, strange/absurd 3, awful! ‘No Lone Zone’ by scrawnycat more than defiantly falls into the first category.

This new thought provoking play by Marisa Freyer, Liza Graham and Charlotte Ive was one of the best off West End production I have seen and fair to say better than a fair few I have seen in town. Split between two intimate rooms in a small pre war house we are invited into the world of four souls lost within themselves /bewildered, all fighting to maintain their own sense of right, maintaining the justification they have given themselves.

A play of two very separate yet cohesive halves, each as excellent as the last – no matter which one you see first. I was also taken back by the amount of talent on stage. The direction was insightful and the acting outstanding. One person that stood out for me was Nadege Adlam who plays Emelia a young woman whose search for her lost love ends in unfortunate circumstances for all involved is exceptional. If you’re interested in seeing a new exciting and innovative piece of theatre then see ‘No Lone Zone’ at the 180 Studio in Lambeth until the 20th July. – Lisa McKeown