This Could Be The Last Time

St Andrews Church Holborn, Roundhouse Camden, Blitz, Wartime London, BBC The Peoples War

London 1940 – the war rages on, the sky over London is dark with German planes and the world below is lit by flames.

Four strangers take shelter in the crypt of a church.  Trapped underground, their histories slowly unravel and reveal themselves.  Gradually their stories entwine and tangle together.  Who they are, what they have done, this could be the last time for each of them, how will they choose to go on?

Originally staged at St Andrews Church Holborn and transferred to the Roundhouse Camden, This Could Be The Last Time was a site specific play based on first-hand accounts of Londoner’s struggling to survive the Blitz. Using the words and stories of those who lived and worked through one of the darkest and yet most inspiring periods in London’s history, it is a tale of memory, loss, hope and reconciliation.  How far would we go to protect what is ours?




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