The White House

Directed by Charlotte Ive
Written by Angie Fullman, Charlotte Ive and Anna Soderblom

In the twilight years of the eighteenth century, the notorious White House brothel catered to the specialised tastes of London’s more adventurous and discerning clientèle.  Now the White House opens its doors once more, inviting you in to experience the most infamous of illicit pleasures, to explore the most scandalous of secrets, and to share in the darkest of fantasies.

In The Gutter Productions, in collaboration with Scrawny Cat Theatre Company, created an immersive, sensual journey through this seductive, dangerous world.  Anything can be yours – for a price.

The White House was staged at The Courtyard Theatre, Hoxton in November 2011.  Taking over the entire ground floor, we turned the space into The White House Brothel and invited the audience to promenade and explore.  Characters roamed the halls, gambled in the bar and taunted punters.  But this was no ordinary occasion, the White House had opened it’s doors once more to find a new member, selecting and seducing one lucky audience member and inviting them to ‘join the staff’, but at what cost?

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