Richard III

Performed at The Rose Playhouse Bankside

April 2014

richard white rose horseNotorious villain, child murderer, hated despot. Richard III was evil, or so Shakespeare told us.

But history tells another tale.

Who was he really? A dangerous tyrant or a dutiful king?

Who was the man found in the car park when all the stories are done?

Scrawny Cat Theatre Company’s unique, site specific production of Richard III explored just that. 

Scrawny Cat is committed to giving actresses more access to the huge canon of roles available to men.  True to form, our Richard was told by a cast of just four women, swapping in and out of the roles and each showing their own, exceptional understanding of who Richard was.richard rose black soul

Down among the foundations of The Rose Bankside – the theatre Shakespeare began his career in – puppets, music and physical theatre brought history to life and let one of England’s most debated figures finally have his say. 


What the reviewers had to say:


richard bloody“The complex character of Richard III  is explored from a fascinatingly distinctive perspective in this production, exclusively played by women…swift changes under tight direction ensure it encourages immersion” – Extra! Extra!

“This all female version offers plenty to admire…there are a lot of winning ingredients in there” – The Londonist

“The production is tense, exciting and engaging…it is an altogether impressive and committed performance” – What’s On Stage

“Ive’s production is a refreshing take on Shakespeare. There are dynamic interactions, movements  and quick changes into character, proving that good theatre can be pulled off by a handful of artistic people” – Trend Fem





  1. […] the King is played by women. Richard III finishes on April 26th at the Rose Theatre, Bankside. See the Scrawny Cat website for more […]

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