Companies we know

Fantastic Theatre Companies that the Scrawny Cats have worked with, are working with or just know and love:

In The Gutter Productions

“We make worlds, we tell stories”

In The Gutter Productions (ITG) is a cross-platform entertainment company, producing original works in live performance, recorded media and digital apps.

Each project follows a set of guiding principles: we create immersive worlds, and invite the audience in – actors talk with you, not at you; props and sets are there to be played with; we ask you to become part of our alternate reality.
The company’s cross-disciplinary expertise allows us to use the most appropriate media to tell each story within the world, going beyond live performance to music, short film, the written word, mobile apps, and internet sites. This aspect of ITG is key to what we do; we are actively working with not only many types of performer – actors, musicians, magicians, circus artists, dancers and so on – but with many types of creatives generally – animators, projection artists, film makers, architects, technology developers – to create as holistic and engaging environment for the audience as possible.

OTB Productions

OTB Productions are a London based theatre company that create and produce new writing events.

You know that customer service job you work in? We do that job too. 

You know what’s better than that job? Anything.

So let’s put some theatre on a stage.

Send us a play. We’ll put it on.    

Back Pocket Productions

Immersion Theatre

Immersion Theatre Ltd. is a professional theatre production company dedicated to producing accessible, quality theatre. Inspired by a range of genres and styles, we strive to be innovative in the way we present our productions, relying on the writing, the calibre of the performances and sheer creativity in order to fully immerse our audience.

Columbus Giant

Columbus Giant play acoustic folk pop songs of a darker hue, casting a twilight shadow across a blissfully unaware city.

We are all about equality, we have lady giants, Sarah (Double Bass), Angie (Voice) and gentleman giants, Darren (Guitar/voice), Seb (Cajon) and Rich (Mandolin).

We are everywhere.

Infectious Theatre

Infectious Theatre explores storytelling as a theatrical device, and produces vital, relevant theatre with a strong physical presence.

A team of international devisers explores the universality of personal stories and journeys, seeking to offer the audience an alternative perspective that stimulates the imagination and illuminates those things that link us all together.

Paper Balloon

Paper Balloon is a London based theatre company, intent on creating accessible and exciting theatre for children and young adults. Using storytelling, music, song, puppetry, animation and digital theatre technology, Paper Balloon seeks to fire the imagination of its audiences, pushing the boundaries of what excellent theatre can deliver.

Geranium Theatre Company

Geranium Theatre Company is a growing ensemble of young theatre artists based in London. We stem from various cultural (Icelandic, Mexican, Swedish, German, Greek and British) and professional backgrounds, with the aim to function as a platform for young, emerging female playwrights. The female counterparts to the Hamlet’s and Othello’s of the stage are rare, which we think is something we all need to try and work on.

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