The Ghost Sonata by August Strindberg. Performed by Scrawny Cat Theatre Company at The Rose Playhouse. Directed by Charlotte Ive.

Posted: August 24, 2015 in A Bit of Everything


To watch this production of The Ghost Sonata is to feel like you have entered a strange, labyrinthine dream-world. When Sonata was written in 1907, Strindberg apparently subtitled it “Kama-Loka,” which was the name of a supernatural dream-land that humans must navigate their way through before reaching the afterlife. This description of the play is as accurate as any I can think of – there is a fixation with death throughout, many of the characters are ghosts or soon-to-be ghosts, and the story feels like the narrative of a dream which makes a strange kind of sense, despite being so surreal as to be nonsensical. Characters appear to be one thing but then change before your eyes into something else, the plot is full of so many turns that right up until the end you are not sure of where it is going and what is really going on, and…

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